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Homophobia can be baffling. Not only is it common and often loaded with intense vitriol, but there is a strange silence that surrounds it. I've been told, mostly by straight folks, that now is a good time to be gay. What I know from experience, though, is that being gay remains hazardous.

Man who would marry his Corvette boldly personifies trivialization.
Murder on Polk Street with no recourse to the law
Joel Roberts recalls the murder of a gay man
Study of campus violence indicates prevelence and need for change
Fraternity brother expulsed
Almost bashed by Peter Pan
Gay couple in danger in Angleton, Texas
Double murder and threats in Mississippi
Recalling the how the town queers were treated like human garbage
Chicago gay bar raid results in 12 hours in jail
Charles Beach of the Restoration Ministries gets flamed by Ray Hill
Gay man getting hell from homophobic boss
Gay corrections officer not considered for open Police Department position
Getting fired from Six Flags for being gay
Lesbian can't be college president
Cop recalls a story of antigay discrimination at IHOP in Austin
Lesbian coach fired in Kentucky
Trouble with homophobes at the San Francisco Marina Jack in the Box
Abusive and violent Evangelical Christians at San Diego Pride
Light punishment for gaybashing
Max in San Jose
Gays responding to discrimination by the military
Gay event posters taken down from dormatory
Rainbow flags stolen from house in Columbus
More rainbow flags stolen from house in Columbus
Told to remove rainbow sticker from office
San Diego Transgendered person attacked in jail
Outed by Shocking Gray catalog--violence follows
Honors student blackballed because of gay links on a humorous web page
Phobic bumper sticker
CompuServe attacks
Chuck-a-homo bridge legend

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