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In spite of, or perhaps because of, the difficulties of living as a gay person in a society that doesn't accept homosexuality gay life can be uniquely trying and at the same time uniquely festive.

Society and Family

Suffocated by the straight world
The enemy gave birth to me
Peg survives her family
Gay man's father once told him he envied gay liberties
Jack Carroll discusses his past and how social class relates to gay life
Ann Carlson relates a pleasant, progay church experience
An unattached gay man shows skill handling a young child
Grace under pressure: life with straights, and cruising the riot
Getting to know the straights in the neighborhood
Life with rednecks
A gay man recalls getting along okay with jocks
Boss puts up a gaypositive sticker which is appreciated
Coming out to a straight guy who thinks only of heterosexuality
Gay Irish politician runs for high office
Throwing the riff-raff to the lions: thoughts about gay liberation
Considering that gay people might make people rethink other taboos
iT is over: Amsterdam's largest gay dance club closes
Some gay men can do heterosexuality, others can't

The Grind

Silence, then roar
Mikkie is sick
Day in the life of a Person With AIDS
HIV involved in crude verbing incident
Eric Andersson recalls his abusive and disfunctional family
Not being able to feel anything anymore
Tormented, Retarded gay men
Life alone in the desert
An anecdote from the continuing struggle for same sex marriage rights
Nelson Minar gets called a faggot for the first time in a while

Life goes on

Memories of a Houston shipping agent: the meat parade
Greg Havican remembering a full life
Doug Wyman recalls good times with his GI buddy
Moving to rural America
Tim Wilson relates tales of his wanderings
One man's story: up from the gutter
A date goes well
Duluth-Superior Pride
Many gay NFL players
Met my lover in the computer cluster
Windy city blues: date leaves trauma and a tingle
Halloween in the Castro 1995 was not all innocent fun
Gays in Bloomington, Illinois make a place for themselves instead of fleeing
First gay party
The Saint is gone

Most serious

Car vandalized after being adorned with a rainbow flag
Todd Mormon recalls one of a class of tense incidents with straight guys
Mark Roberts recalls getting beaten up for being a faggot at Fort Zumwalt High
Peter Li'ir Key relates his better interactions with "mother dearest"
Raped in San Francisco

Less serious

Confused depictions of gay people on TV lead to confused gay people
East Villiage cake bake
A drag queen directs traffic in the Castro during a power outage
Gay auto accident leaves a rainbow stripe
Shocking coming out captured on airplane flight recorder
You'll have to ride on my hose
Twink violinist Joshua Bell solos shirtless
Sid Spencer, gay country and western singer
Luke Sissyfag: what a piece of work this guy is

True grit?

Grant Hart tried to kiss me
Cruising AOL and city streets for grunge
Jacking at the gym: stroking it in the steamroom
Los Alamos glory hole
Lubbock cocksuckers
Wealthy Moroccan keeps his wife locked away when sucking cock
Highway cocksucking

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