From: (Ann Carlson)
Subject: nicer world (at least temporarily)
Date: 1 May 95 13:32:13 GMT

My parents were visiting this weekend from their home in New York State
for the first time in two years (now that mom has recovered from her
bout with breast cancer).  We had been invited to a cook-out on Saturday
so I asked mom and dad if they would like to go with us.  "You won't 
be uncomfortable if most of the couples there are same-sex?"  "No,"
mom said, "that will be fine."  

Mom made an apple pie to bring with us.  She just beamed when one of
the guys sampled everything on the dessert table and pronounced, without
knowing who'd made it, the apple pie to be the best choice.  Before we
ate we all stood in a circle holding hands and those who wished to say
something to the whole group were given the opportunity.  One guy was
collecting for the American Cancer Society.  I was standing with a guy
who had just shared about his being a cancer survivor and with whom I'd
shared about my mom and her recovery from the effects of chemotherapy.
While the announcement was going on, he squeezed my hand so hard I almost
lost feeling.

Sunday morning I was sitting in the choir and day-dreaming through a
sermon about post-resurrection appearances of Jesus.  Suddenly the priest
had may whole attention because she was saying; "And we see Jesus in the
faces of gay men and lesbians who bring to us a unique perspective and point
us toward new directionns and new ways of thinking."  Wow!  (We're talking
a suburban Episcopal parish here, not MCC or predominantly gay.)

I know it's only too temporary, but sometime the world just seems to relax
for awhile and becomes significantly nicer and friendlier.
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