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Because heterosexuality is so broadly assumed, there is a process shared by gay people of constructing and asserting a gay identity. Most important for gay people is coming out to one's self, but coming out is an ongoing process where a gay person asserts one's identity as a gay person at all levels of a society that assumes heterosexuality and tends to treat gay people with disrespect.

Some suggestions for coming out
Coming out in a letter to parents
Ayana Craven describes coming out as an ongoing process
Recalling coming out at Christmas
Summarizing a complex coming out
Buck Foss relates his lover's coming out to his family on Thanksgiving
Linda Yanney recalls coming out as a young lesbian
John Morton's coming out letter to his parents
Man comes out to his longtime wife
Young man comes out, but his religious mother won't accept his homosexuality
Joshua Cox comes out to his parents, who don't think it's a big issue
Jake Coughlin relates two coming out cataclysms
Stephen Nicholson comes out late, after much anxiety
Jack Carroll comes out and is rejected by his family
Mike Jankulak relates his sister Mary's coming out
Shawn Hicks looks back at the closet
Hubert J. comes out to family and friends
Felix Lee comes out to himself, friends, and family
Robert Jacobson insists that being gay is not a choice and relates his own experience as evidence of this
Tim Wilson relates coming out and what happened after that (long)
Scott VanTussenbrook recalls coming out to his parents

An example and some discussion about what happens when coming out doesn't go well:

They come out tacky
Funny responses to coming out

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