"Well, my mum found out last week. I had imagined that she would
not take it well, so I was planning for her never to find out,
but she found some information I had printed off the [Inter]net
and she put two and two together. She took it much, much worse
than I had ever imagined. I am 21, and come from a very religious
family. My dad died when I was 10, and we had just arrived in
Perth from Italy. We were confused, scared, but rolled up our
sleeves and worked through it. We made it, but we also all became
extremely self-reliant. We really speak to each other very
little, and never about anything even remotely personal. When she
found out, my mum asked me questions I would not wish for anyone
to have their mother ask them. She made me feel so atrociously
dirty and filthy that for a few days I would still be sickened by
the feelings aroused by a cute guy walking past me. ... I still
feel absolutely terrible. She has now begun a campaign to convert
me to heterosexuality. She has bought me books, even tapes that
are supposed to turn me off guys. ... I need friends with whom I
can talk. There is no way I could ever tell my present friends
that I am gay. Please write. Andy."

--From aus.culture.lesbigay
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