From: (Buck Foss)
Subject: Re: funny out comes
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 1995 16:30:29 GMT

My lover's coming out to his family was sort of funny.  After breaking up 
with his first love, and having to attend a family Thanksgiving in far 
south Texas, he decided he couldn't live a lie any longer.  After a bit 
too much of the Jim Beam he decided to tell his family.  HIs Mom sort of 
knew what was coming and ushered the youngest grandchildren out of the 
room but his 6 siblings remained.  He came out.  His two older macho 
brothers walked out of the kitchen in disgust.  His younger brothers said 
they couldn't care less.  His only sister looked really sad.  Finally, 
she looked at him.  "If only I had known . . .," she said mournfully.  
THen with a big smile, "I had a sister to go shopping with!  
Tommorrow you and I are hitting the sales babe!"  And that was that.  
The two older brothers (one of whom would 
later steal a trick from my lover) got over thier problems.

Families can be remarkavbly resiliant.
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