From: (HubertJ)
Subject: Re: coming out experiences
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 95 12:16:53 GMT

- Just recovering from a depression that I wrongly thought was the stress of
the end of the Ph.D. instead of a battle with an identity I didn't want
(yet) to acknowledge, I had a discussion with my mother about the "meaning
of life". When, in the course of the conversation, I told my mother I was
gay she replied "So what?". She had done her coming out too since (thanks
Eric Marcus !). 
My left brother I came out one year latter didn't bother about that, and we
had an exharating Christmas time together.
I must say that a death and a suicide in my family, as well as REAL
christian roots probably helped a lot accepting difference...

- More recently I sent a letter to an italian friend I met in the US and who
considered me as a "Casanova", and he replied "No problem, I just want you
to be  happy. I'll see you in Paris".
He is now a true friend.

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