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Because society has been so determined to hide the truth about homosexuality, gay people start out in the closet, not accepting their homosexuality--often not even being able to comprehend the fact that they are gay. The lucky ones come out quickly. The unlucky stay in the closet all their lives.

There is a large gray area around the closet. Some gay people have gay sex and are either so shamed by it that they won't even acknowledge their homosexuality to themselves. Others use rationalization to hide from their homosexuality. Perhaps they don't consider themselves gay because they have families and only have gay sex on the side, or maybe they don't think they are really gay because they are always on top or because they have gay sex, but don't fit common stereotypes about gay people. Most closeted folks acknowledge their homosexuality or bisexuality at some level, but are unable to accept or even act on it.

Not knowing you are gay
Bitterella recalls good times with his close friend Steve
Buck Foss tells Jojo the story of a gay man who stayed closeted
Young student begins to come out, then flees back to the closet
Lover comes out, then leaves the relationship for the closet
Lover begins to come out after a long period of painful denial
Young man in a small town in Utah lives in fear of discovery and AIDS

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