From: (Darren Scott Cobb)
Subject: Re: love on the internet
Date: 21 Nov 1995 15:55:42 GMT

In article ,
Victoria Edwards  wrote:
>I was reading some assorted `I really like Melinda``she's so dishy` articles
>and I got to thinking about a recent women & love on the internet show on
>the Discovery channel. There was a couple who met over the internet (het,
>and they met over the Monkeys webpage) ...anyhow I was wondering if any
>motss readers had ever met an SO through the internet, motss, gay
>websites, BBS's.

I met my boyfriend by spying on him in a computer cluster.  On our old VAX
system at IU, someone had written a program called "Mymap" which you could
use to scam on other users in a cluster.  In his .plan file, it said that he
was a Marine and a Republican, and I thought, "Challenge accepted!" I later
struck up electronic conversations with him and he sent out some signals which
clued me in to his repressed orientation.  We've been together for a
year and a half now.  (He's no longer a Repub., BTW)

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