Newsgroups: soc.motss
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 1995 05:52:42 UTC
Subject: Alone in the desert?

I posted a few messages (from the anon remailer) and have seen/heard almost
nothing back so lets be blunt.  I am in the dead center of Washington state,
with few funds for travel and am desperatly seeking someone (male) that would
like to teach a 40 year old what the male/male scene is all about.  I am 6 feet
tall, Drk blond/light brn hair, Haz/Grn eyes, mustache, 220 lbs (lifted weights
for a few years a few years ago so it's not ALL around the middle.  There's a
bit of muscle there too.)  I have been married for 21+ years and have never had
any sexual relation with anyone other than the wife.  I have a collection of
around 40 MB of male/male GIF files that have been keeping me company for
quite some time and I WANT to experience the real thing.  Anyone with any
suggestions, questions or comments are welcome to reply.  Either in E-mail
or the news groups.  Each group I posted to is one I read regularly.  Even if
you aren't interested in the jist of this post, maybe some info on how to post
something that will get a reply or two.

I live in an area where almost everyone knows you OR someone that does know
you, so I HAVE to be carefull.  My wife has no idea of my wants and would
probably literally kill me if she did.  This area is VERY conserative and
"Christian" in most of it's public views and attitudes as well.

Thanks for listening.
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