From: (Emily Rizzo)
Subject: Re: Gay people tend to be less inteligent tha
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 21:28:07 GMT

In article <4api9p$>   (Jake Coughlin) writes:

>In <30ceda99.9901879@news>, (Jojo) writes:
>>I have, however, never encountered someone with clinically mild to
>>severe mental retardation who was homosexual, and these people I think
>>would have the least facility for hiding their orientations.

>well, i've staffed the phones at the Gay and Lesbian
>Helpline for Wake County, and we regularly had a 
>man call in who was obviously retarded.  he lived
>with his mother and father, who weren't well educated,
>and he would call in for help and advice whenever the
>family had a "discussion" about his homosexuality.

There's a 37 year old man who comes to our PFLAG meetings in Brooklyn who
is retarded.  He watches daytime tv all day long and leaves agonized 
messages on my answering machine whenever he hears anything anti-gay.  
I'm encouraging him to call me at the office now so I can calm him down 
and spare my in-coming message tape.

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