From: (Charlie Fulton)
Subject: Re: Bending (structure)
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 04:41:21 GMT

Greg Parkinson ( wrote:

: Gay *men*, not gay *boys*.  I had very satisfying sexual relations
: with two different women when I was in my late teens and early
: twenties, even though I knew I was gay.  I wouldn't do it now.

Fine then.  What do you call someone who's dick has always *always* turned
to mush at the very thought of sexual relations with a woman.  What do
you call a gay teenager who put every conceivable effort into getting his
dick to stay stiff at the thought of MOTOS sex just once, and whose failure
to do so made him near suicidal before he finally let himself off the hook?
What do you call a gay early twentieser who threw himself into bed with 
women on several occasions only to experience anxiety so great he had to
put a quick stop to the proceedings?  What do you call a gay man at thirty
who flipped out when a close friend (and well respected female motsser) 
of his embraced him when she was upset?

I guess it ain't gay, because it's not that I won't sleep with women.  I
can't.  And frankly, I feel this "gay men can sleep with women" stuff
cruelly trivializes the intense psychological pain I went through in the
years before 1982.  Nor do I care to be lumped in the same category as
"gay" men who "won't" have sex with women.
"Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun."
                           Montgomery Burns
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