From: (John Hollister)
Date: 10 Aug 1995 19:05:43 GMT

I am still desperate enough for meat to cruise AOL. I guess I deserve
what I get.  I drove up to Ithaca to play with some twink - he
actually had the uncut 8 inches he promised. We met at a certain bridge at
2am and I quickly took care of him. He disappeared and went home to
his girlfriend. Okay for an appetizer. I needed a main course. It was
too late to hit the bars so I wandered into the night.

My standards slowly dropped. 3am, 4am. Remember, these standards are
calibrated relative to an AOLer. I sat down in despair on somebody`s
Memorial Parkbench in the garden of a Presbyterian church. Along came
a Samuel-Delaney-caliber janitor just off the nightshift. He zeroed in
on me and took an unusual interest in my grungy sneakers.  What the
fuck. I stood up to get a better look at this creature and considered
the possibility of bestiality.  He took off his clothes, and as he
leaned over all I could see were an enormous pair of ass-cheeks. 

As I did the inevitable, I banged my knee against the stone of the

The next evening, I was still limping a little, so I got as drunk as I
possibly could. Wandering late through the streets of Binghamton after
the bars closed, I had to piss like a racehorse. I found a suitable
alley and let go. 

I was not alone. Some truckdriver was sitting against the wall
signalling his thirst. Damn. A man after my own heart. No, after my
own recycled Red Dog. He drank it all, without spilling a drop.
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