From: (Lone Wolf)
Subject: Question for Conservatives
Date: 26 Aug 1995 01:28:32 GMT

I have been wondering where a person draws the line in discrimination.  
Why is it illegal to discriminate against a person because of race, age, 
sex, religion, or handicap but it is not illegal to discriminate against 
someone because of their sexual preference?

As you may guess I am a Gay White Male......and I have been discriminated 
against because of my sexual preferance.  I had a job as a corrections 
officer/communications officer at the county jail and they fired me after 
they found out I was gay.  Recently I put in an application with a local 
city PD, which was advertising for a communications officer, and was not 
even granted an interview.  I know that I am qualified for the job with 
the city, and they would not have to pay for my training as they would 
with someone who does not have the training I have.

Why should it matter who a person chooses to sleep with when it comes to 
job performance.  This incident has really hurt me.  I have always been a 
good citizen of this country and they seem to consider me a second class 
(or is that third class) citizen that is not even worthy of the same 
rights that most people in this country enjoy.

BTW:  I am now the stereotypical gay male (you know what I mean).  I 
don't sleep around with every man I meet.....I have been happily 
"married" to my male lover for almost 8 years now.  I don't "look" gay. 
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