From: (rayhill)
Date: 13 Jun 1995 03:13:24 GMT

It all started when a gay couple moved to Angleton, Texas and opened a
computor store. Angleton is in Brazoria county, adjacent to Harris
County (Houston). After a while they started a BBS for gay men in the
Houston area. The federal authorities investigated the BBS for the
usual interstate sex messages but found no grounds to prosecute them
for anything. Everything found in the investigation was turned over to
the local authorities. The sheriff's department investigators knew of
two teenagers who had previously claimed to be sexually assaulted by
teachers, and even a probation officer. They were in trouble again and
were offered the dismissal of their charges if they would "help" with
the investigation. They went to the store and when neither member of
the couple was interested in the teenagers, the kids began to steal
things and play with the computors. It became necessary to run the kids
off. They returned with Brazoria County sheriffs. The couple was
arrested, Their inventory confiscated and store closed. The proscutors
held daily news conferences to stir up the town folks against the
perverts and molesters. Ofcourse the kids names could not be used and
their previously proven false charges did not come to light. The couple
is now being held in leu of $450,000.00 & $500,000.00 bond
respectively. Their families have hired an attorney but the pretrial
deck is stacked against them. Their attorney is confident that the
evidence will acquit them when they get to trial.
All of the above is bad enough, but a more sinister turn was taken
today. A jailor put one of the couple on the recreation yard with gang
members and asked,"What are you guys going to do about the child
molester?". He then locked the gate and walked away. He survived today
but what will happen if this is tried every day with different inmates?
It would be much easier for the county to eliminate the couple than go
to trial where the evidence will exonerate them. Please help. If we can
convince the authorities that any harm that comes to either of the
couple will not go unnoticed, they may survive. Their names are Daniel
Van Deusen, Gene Howland The Sheriffs office fax number is
(409)849-7504; address Sheriffs Department, Angleton, Texas 77511
Ray Hill
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