From: (Bob Donahue)
Subject: Re: FYI
Date: 10 Dec 1995 21:12:58 GMT

JMingo ( wrote:
: Bob writes:

: >BBC, depressed over the
: >double murder in Oregon,

: Me too. If it is what it appears to be, let's hope those murderous bigoted
: bastards get what they deserve in this life...and in any afterlife. It's
: enough to make you hope there is a hell.

	Well, the reality is that *if* someone is caught, the most
they'll serve is 18-30 months.  You'll recall the case of the 
gay man murdered in Texas where the sentence was *reduced* by the
judge because he "[have] a teenage son and I'd hate to see him have
to serve jail time just for killing a faggot".  Of course, nothing
was done about this - and the two guys served shortened sentences.
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