Newsgroups: ba.motss
Subject: Re: Shocking Gray catalog replacement
Date: 6 Mar 1996 18:53:01 GMT

On Mar 06, 1996 07:52:12 in article , ' (Steve Cogorno)' wrote: 
>I did not freak out that my mailman saw this, because it 
>really isn't a big deal.<< 
The woman who received the *mis-sorted* (by postman), catalog in her
mailbox freaked out, started her mouth in motion.   Almost overnight, my
life in  an east-bay complex was hell, complete with hang-up phone calls in
the middle of the night, and slashed tires.   To me, it was a very big
I stand by my contention that no company has a right to send unsealed,
unsoliceted material that could compromise someone, as it did me.  I was 
"outed" by circumstances that would not have occured if Shocking Gray had
not sent their unsealed, unasked for,  catalog.  
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