From: (Mark Thorson)
Subject: Homophobic Phone Ad
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 1995 00:02:00 GMT

I just saw a weird ad for a long distance carrier called Life Line.
It started out talking about how AT&T is a sponsor for the Gay Games,
then mentioning that Life Line is a Christian-owned fiber optic
long distance company, and how you're promoting the Christian cause
by switching to their long-distance service.  I'm amazed anyone
would think up such a stupid marketing campaign.  I guess that's
what you get when you go to a Christian advertising agency or

An odd coincidence, but I saw my first homophobic bumper sticker today.
It said "Honk if you're Heterosexual".  It must take a lot of guts to
put a bumper sticker like that on your car.
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