From: (ACruz52039)
Subject: National Fraternity Expulses!! Brother for being Gay
Date: 2 Oct 1995 15:37:32 -0400

A young male from a Buffalo University was Expulsed from his fraternity,
because of his sexuality, as if this wasn't enough, they framed him to
appear as if he was a thief, and a liar, he was arrested and harrassed,
thrown on the street, and spent 3 days in the streets of Buffalo w/o a
home, the fraternity was so humiliated by the fact of having a gay
brother, that they forced him out of school, and told his family about his
sexuality,  the family Reaction was severe.  How do I know this? i'm the
gay brother they expulsed,  look for my next posting for the name of the
college, and National Fraternity, as well as other humiliating things
which occurred, why I'm I telling you all this, so you could be aware of
the persecussion and Humiliation other gays are going through, and are
forced to keep quiet!

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