Mollusk: Thoughts: New Humanity

Together, the likelyhood of consciousness evolving to the the point where people exist on potentially infinitely maintainable and reproducable machines, and the need for humans to extend their habitats beyond the Earth have great implications. For one thing, it is unlikely that the new physical incarnations that we manufacture for ourselves will be as limited and terrestrial in nature as our current bodies. Indeed, it is likely that we will be able to craft physical forms using a variety of materials, construction types, and models for energy intake and processing. This means that as humans expand beyond the Earth, we will likely take a number of different forms which can be optimized for a variety of environments which don't need to be anything like our current terrestrial forms.

This also brings up the idea that life, as we know it, is a fleeting, ephemeral thing. Life, while it likely exists in significant quantities all over the Universe, is most likely to be nothing more than a brief, intermediate stage which bears the fruit of consciousness which, if successful, then evolves to the point of having very little in common with what we know as life except for reproduction and the use of energy.

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