Misc: We had colonies

Subject: Re: Should Clinton Resign?
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 13:48:22 +0200
From: Marina Muilwijk 
Organization: UU Library
Newsgroups: soc.motss

Leith Chu wrote:
> Marina Muilwijk wrote:
> > Lorna Brown wrote:
> > > and export their philosophy and
> > > judicial systems.  make them pay for some civilization.
> > There's an idea.
> > We exported civilization in the 17th and 18th century, we can do it
> > again.
> Beg pardon?

We had colonies. Countries with old and complex cultures that soon
learned about the joys of the Dutch civilization. They had long
epics in beautiful poetic language, we gave them "Dutch for
traders". They had forests of great beauty, we gave them
plantations. They had many gods, we gave them Calvinism.
You know, civilization.

And, of course, at the start of the recently mentioned
Enlightenment, all the important books were printed in the Republic.

ObSubject: We were a republic when everybody else was still a
monarchy, which is why we are a monarchy now


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