Newsgroups: soc.motss
Subject: Hate Crime in Reno, NV (fwd)
Date: 14 Jul 1994 13:12:26 -0500

Bill Metz, a young gay professional of Reno Nevada, was brutally stabbed
and killed by a 21-year old skin head in the parking lot of Reno High,
Thurs, July 8th around 11pm.  The suspected youth, Justin Suade Slotto,
was quoted as saying that he was looking for a gay man to attack and
went to a popular cruising spot in a nearby park to find a victim.
Bill was a business manager at a medical center in Reno.  He was active
in the Metropolitan Community Church of the Sierras and much loved by
everyone who knew him.  His death is a great loss to his family, the gay
and lesbian community and the larger communities of Reno and Nevada.  He
will be greatly missed.

We are holding a candlelight vigil and rally, this Saturday, July 16th, at
Wingfield Park at 7:30 in Reno to commemorate Bill and take back the city
from hate.  We view this act of hatred as not only a threat to gay and
lesbians but all people who differ from the white male heterosexual

I am sending this news to you to post, there is a full report in today's
and yesterday's Reno Gazette Journal.  Thank you, Mary Horvath
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