From: (Brian Kane)
Subject; Re: logic problem
Date: Thu Jul 11 06:32:21 PDT 1996

Astroboy wrote:
>But I really wanted to respond to let Charlie know
>of the criminal goings on in Boston lately.  No more
>Harvard students going on murderous suicidal rampages,
>but in the past month a torso (i.e. headless, armless,
>and legless) washed up on Peddocks Island in Boston
>Harbor, and a 20-year-old Swedish au pair's upper body
>was found in a dumpster in the Fenway, near Berklee
>College of Music.  She had been cut in half at the
>waist, probably with a power saw.  So far they haven't
>found the lower half of her body, but suspiciously enough
>the same day her upper half was found, there was a dumpster
>fire at her employer's condo.

All that has little motss content, but here's more
fodder for Chuck that is apropos:

Several weeks ago there was a double shotgun murder
of two gay men on lovely, quiet, safe Appleton street
in Boston's South End (South End, South End, South End).
Appleton is where it's at---Chuck used to live on the
gay-wannabe Tremont Street.

Anyhow, very early in the morning on Father's Day, say
around 3 am, a Brazilian-American gay man named Athos
Oliveira had his head nearly blown off with two rifle
or shotgun shots.  A drunk passerby who was unfortunate
enough to witness this, visiting San Francisco resident
Thomas Meyer, was chased down a block away and similarly
shot in the head at close range.  Meyer was in Boston
for a friend's wedding and had been out drinking at
nearby Club Cafe, a bar/restaurant/club that attracts
a large gay and lesbian croowd.
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