From: Kristine 
Subject: Suicide and Depression
Date: 23 Aug 1995 01:56:40 GMT

My sister and I would like to share a part of our lives regarding our 
brother.  He was incredibly beautiful, bright, successful and loving.  
But exactly two months ago, he decided to end his life and did just 
that. Each day that passes only seems to make us miss him more.  
Although he was openly gay, he never really felt comfortable with 
himself.  He struggled with depression for most of his life, much of 
which involved his sexual orientation and inability to love himself.  

We love our brother so much and are having a really hard time 
understanding why this happened.  If anyone out there has experienced 
something related to this or has some words of encouragement, we would 
love to hear from you.  You can e-mail us at:  [Karon]  [Kristine] 

Thank you...Kristine
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