From: zwicky@Turing.Stanford.EDU (Arnold Zwicky)
Newsgroups: soc.motss
Subject: in memoriam bob wharton
Date: 17 Jan 1996 18:44:24 -0800
Summary: another loss

just learned that my columbus friend bob wharton has died,
in middle age, of complications of AIDS.  it was apparently
his first opportunistic infection.

i met bob through a mutual friend at ohio state; during the
summers several of us would go to concerts or movies together.
then bob agreed to be on the steering committee for the ohio
state aglbfs, where his good humor and practical intelligence
were much valued.  (bob worked for the College of the Arts,
in the Wexner Center for the Arts.)

for a year and a half bob and i had intended to play racquetball
together - he was a thin, compact man, not at all athletic-
looking, but he loved racquet sports and wanted to try a new one -
but we could never get our complex schedules aligned.  i think
it would have been fun.

another light extinguished.  i weep, and rage.
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