Newsgroups: soc.motss
From: (Tim Evanson)
Subject: Military ignores "don't ask, don't tell"
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 20:28:55 GMT


Today's Washington Post contains an article on p. A2 in which the 
Servicemembers Legal Network says that the military discharged 722 
military servicemembers in 1995, compared to compared with 597 in 1994 
and 682 in 1993.

The Network released military memoranda which showed that military 
officials are overstepping their bounds.  Some officials have even 
flagrantly ignored the new regulations by asking servicemembers directly 
about their sexual orientation and interviewing family members, school 
counselors, siblings, and others as well as reviewing mental health and 
medical records in fishing expeditions.  In some cases, when women have 
accused other serviemen of sexual harassment, the accused have started 
rumors of lesbianism which have then been used to investigate the women.

Sec. of Defense Perry said that the increases are "not a significant 
change" from previous years.

Yeah, right.

See ya...

Tim #1
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